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Just venting: I bought some Whole Foods brand Basil Pesto last week. It contains parsley for crying out loud. Who would ever think that it’s a good idea, to mix the sublime Basil with the coarse Parsley. What a horrific combination! Disgusting. And they added lemon juice and walnuts and canola oil. Whole Foods does a lot of things right, but not Pesto. The only good pesto recipe is Marcella Hazan’s, and her cookbooks are great! We make big batches of pesto in the Summer (with Basil from the Farmer’s Market) following Hazan’s recipe and damn is it good!


  1. Victor

    Maybe Whole Foods hired the self-proclaimed “Jackson Pollock of Pesto” who sees pesto as an abstract expression of herbs, oil, and nuts.

  2. Kiyomi

    Of course! Hazan’s book is a bible. But the pesto recipe of Delia Smith is good, too.


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