The Radiance of Being

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Joe from Atlanta gave me a book last week, and I am enjoying it very much. Here is a little quote:

All the World is made up of the two dimensions of flux and stasis, of process and structure. Whether through historical accident or evolutionary intention, however, we lean toward structural, even static conceptions of the cosmos and of ourselves. This is the case in the East as well as in the West. It is a tendency that has blinded us in part to the chaotic and fluid nature of the cardinal events of our lives; of thought, of emotion, of growth and transformation in all their myriad aspects, and of human relationships and everything they entail.

It is difficult to imagine ourselves as a river, constantly changing, and even harder to think of the whole world around us in constant flux. I remember when the physics teacher in Junior High told us that on a molecular level nothing ever rested – I never looked at wood the same way.

Anyway, I am enjoying the book very much, and yeah, it won Best Book of the Year of the Scientific and Medical Network of the U.K..

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  1. Greg Hale

    Sounds like an interesting read…have you ever read “The Power Of NOW” ? It has become a favorite of mine because the approach has worked for me at a practical level on a daily basis. I am interested in what your take is on Eckhart Tolle’s work…

    I’ll be ordering The Radiance Of Being…thanks for the head’s up!


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