Van Gogh turns 150 on Sunday

Thousands of fans are expected to flood the Dutch museum dedicated to the now-priceless work by the artist who sold only one painting in his lifetime.
– from Canadian Press

Copyproof CDs moving to market?

Copy-protection technology on music CDs may be headed for the U.S. market in bulk this year for the first time, according to one Wall Street analyst. In a research note published Friday, J.P. Morgan analyst Sterling Auty said that Arista Records, a subsidiary of BMG Music, appeared to be moving to market with CD copy-protection technology produced by SunnComm Technologies.
– from CNET via Slashdot

Crazy Weather

Crazy March weather in Northern New Mexico. We are used to it, but it still surprises us.
A little while ago we had 65F and sunshine, then snow came back, two days ago it was in the mid-sixties again and this morning I awoke to a couple of inches of snow and fog with sub 20F temperatures….not unusual but unsettling nonetheless…


I came to this country in 1979. The Sixties and the division in this country between people against and for the Vietnam war I have only experienced through books and movies. I certainly have never witnessed anything like what is happening in this nation at present. No, it is not democratic to physically attack a person because of his or her opinion of the war or US politics. No, it is not right to kick in the window of a car that bears a bumper sticker you disagree with. I find it sad that United Way of Tampa Bay had to cancel an appearance of Susan Sarandon at a fundraiser because too many people objected to her “anti war stance”. United Way doesn’t question a person about their political stance before they help. Should helping people in need depend on whether they share a certain opinion? When your fellow human stumbles should you ask about his God or political opinion before you help him up? Debate and discussion may not change a lot of opinions, but violence or politicizing groups like United Way certainly does not.
If we politicize the helping and aiding of people in need are we really better than the group described as paramilitary Iraqis who fired upon civilians who were receiving fresh water and food from US or UK soldiers yesterday?

Cellphone and music player

Do you want to take a walk and listen to music, but you are expecting a phone call? Here is a new solution for you. You can listen to music and your call at the same time….I myself will prefer to listen to music and ignore the phone – OK, maybe I’ll switch my phone to vibrate…..