Copy Protection

Sometime soon our music will only be available from our web site or at our concerts. Here is what you can expect:

1. No bone on the CD package – that’s the incredibly sticky thing at the top of the jewel case that you break your fingernails on…….I hate those things!

2. No copy protection encryption…because I think you should be able to burn a CD copy for your car and another for your walkman…- but don’t burn copies for your whole neighborhood because that’s called pirating!

3. No encryption that prevents you from listening to a music CD in your computer (some of the latest music CDs don’t allow that) or to rip an mp3 file….

So there…

Red wine is good 4 U!

If U drink at least 2 glasses of red wine per day you are 44% less likely to suffer a cold. U will also reduce your long-term risk of heart attack by 50% because wine has a positive effect on the composition of fats in your blood. And the tannic acid found in red wine has antioxidant properties and according to a study by the Cardiff University in the UK can prevent herpes. The ideal intake of wine is estimated at 0.3 Liter for women and 0.4 Liter for men – basically half a bottle….

The Mystery of Picasso

“The Mystery of Picasso” is on DVD at last! I saw this movie, which I believe was declared a national treasure of France many years ago in an art film theater in Boston. The movie was made in 1955 and the DVD is available at and other DVD outlets. If you want to see what GENIUS looks and moves like you should watch this! I especially love the very last segment….

Simply Baroque

I can’t stop listening to these 2 CDs: Yo-Yo Ma and the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra: Simply Baroque and Simply Baroque 2

On the Verge

I feel on the verge of something. Something musical. Disparate sounds which don’t connect properly yet, but are starting to float around in the brain soup in and out of my awareness. I recognize this feeling as I know it well. It is exciting.