Do U like chocolate?

I recently discovered Mack Domori’s Dark Chocolate from Italy and it is the best chocolate I have ever tasted!

My favorite flavors are Blend #1 and Break.

In Santa Fe Domori is available at Whole Foods.

Chef Suicide

I found the following news item today:

One of France’s most celebrated chefs has apparently committed suicide after his flagship restaurant was downgraded in a top restaurant guide. Bernard Loiseau was found dead at his country home, a hunting rifle by his side. His death came a week after the renowned GaultMillau restaurant guide cut its rating for his Cote d’Or restaurant in Burgundy.

Bernie, man, you shouldn’t take critics THAT seriously! Trust me, if they could cook they wouldn’t write about cooking!

The Santa Fe Sessions

Today our new album The Santa Fe Sessions was released. If you checked out Higher Octave Music?s web site ( you may have seen that the album was on their home page. If you clicked on the button for more info you would have been taken to a page that gives you more information about the album and showed a track listing…..the first song on the track list was a true gem called ?(Don?t ya wanna) Jam? and it was the ONLY song you could actually listen to…….Don?t know what that is, actually. It sounds like total crap, I think. It is most certainly NOT something that I would have anything to with. OK, honestly….who made bets on that song? Who thought that I could create something like that? Shame on you!
Was it the web master who put in a filler and forgot to remove it when the site when live? Was it a hacker that placed the song there? Was it a cosmic convergence?

Convenience : Quality

Portability and ease appear to be much more important to all of us than listening to the highest quality of sound. We all seem to enjoy mp3 players EVEN THOUGH the sound quality is usually less than that of a CD. And MUCH less than the sound of DVD Audio or any other new audio format.

Maybe we don’t care to have a special listening room in our apartment or house JUST so we can properly listen to surround sound.

Imagine this if you will: You go to a party in a fancy house. The living room has a great surround sound system. It sounds great just about in the middle, where the coffee table is. But if you walk to the back of the room, all you hear is the reverb, echo and other effects that the surround speakers usually pump out.

I don’t know anybody who has DVD Audio….well I knew a man at Epic Records a few years back who had one of seven existing DVD Audio players in his office. He told me it sounded great….aside from him I don’t know a single person who has bought him/herself a system like that.

No, we enjoy our portable mp3 players because we can carry 1,000 or 4,000 tunes with us – there is bound to be a sound in there for the mood we are in!!! We enjoy listening to mp3s at home because we can instantly create playlists for a dinner party and don’t have to worry about the music……

I think for now it is clear that portability and ease win over shear sound quality…


I read today that this year’s Grammy presenters and performers will receive iPods, the popular mp3 player made by Apple. How’s that for irony? The artists will get mp3 players when the RIAA is claiming that file-sharing is responsible for the decline of the music industry. (That I think the RIAA is wrong is neither here nor there…)