Vision Paper

Let’s say you are looking for printing paper, envelopes or business cards. Let’s also say you would like to save trees and use paper made from other sources. Now let’s assume you would like to promote sustainable agriculture as well.

Well, look no further and point your browser to: Vision Paper

This is the paper we use for all our printing needs. It is made from kenaf plants grown in New Mexico.

Moon + Copyright

What a lovely, fat, bright, happy moon!

Great article on the Supreme Court ruling regarding the 1998 Copyright extension at:

If you want my opinion, I don’t see why any copyright holder needs to lock up his creation for 70 years beyond his death. It used to be 25 years, then was extended to 50 in the middle of the last century. 50 is more than enough…probably still too much…

Implode – Explode

I was thinking that one difference between Rock and Jazz is that Rockers explode while Jazz musicians implode. Rockers love the high and outward while Jazz musicians seem to prefer the down and inward. Speed and cocaine versus heroin. There are plenty of exceptions on either side I am sure. Don’t know why I thought of that while driving and listening to Jazz.

Tomorrow Now

I started reading Bruce Sterling’s new book “Tomorrow Now” a couple of days ago and read a third of it the first day. The book is a non-fiction look at what the next 50 years might bring and the author’s point of view and optimism is refreshing. Highly recommended.