From an email I received:

‘Travelers, there is no path, paths are made by walking.’ – Antonio Machada

Expressing Emotion

I was doing a phone interview the other day and the following thought occurred to me. It’s a fact that there are many more male musicians than there are female musicians – I am excluding singers from this….

Is it possible that more males are drawn to making music because it seems harder for them to express their feelings in words? It seems to me that females are usually more in touch with their feelings and are more at ease talking about them. I know that I myself was drawn to music because it gave me a chance to express emotions I couldn’t otherwise express.

I have never read anything about this subject, and it seems to me it would make an interesting study.

Idaho + Seattle

Somewhere near Salt Lake City on our way to Las Vegas.

The Big Easy in Boise, Idaho was fun. The audience was great and we enjoyed playing for them. It was my first time in Idaho, but surely not my last.

It was great to be back in Seattle yesterday! From 1990 until 1993 we performed in the city of Seattle, but since 1994 we have performed at the St. Michelle Winery in Woodinville instead. Well, Sunday evening we played at the Pier in Seattle and we had a few hours during the day to walk around. Kanoa and I went to Pike’s Market and on the way we encountered this big jam. People were playing drums, trumpet, more drums, cutlery, and all sorts of improvised instruments. Kanoa and I thought it was an example of how cool the city of Seattle is to let people have a big music jam outdoors in the middle of the city around noon. Later we heard from some locals that it was a protest. It appears that somebody was arrested or fined at that spot a week ago for playing clarinet and people were protesting that by playing music……

The evening was milder than forcasted by the local crew, and we could see the sunset from the stage, which is right next to the water.