New Age Pop Tarts

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Yesterday Morning I was toasting some Mochi for breakfast before heading into the studio. Mochi are brown rice cakes and I like the ones with cinnamon and raisins. My engineer came into the kitchen and I asked him whether he had tried Mochi before and he took a look at them and said: What are they, New Age Pop Tarts?

We are currently working on radio mixes for the new album. These radio mixes for “Little Wing” and “The Girl from Ipanema” and a new song called “The Pearl” differ from our album mixes by being slightly compressed and limited, which increases the volume and sounds better on radio. We also created slightly different drum arrangements for these radio mixes and some of the intros and endings differ.

Over the next few days we will also create a dance mix for “The Pearl”. These alternative mixes will go on a special CD to be distributed to radio stations, but I hope Epic will decide to eventually release these mixes on a commercial CD or via MP-3.


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