11/22 @ 011

I learned that if the two presidential candidates had tied in New Mexico they would have drawn lots. Last year in a race for a judge position the two candidates here tied and then sat down to a game of poker!!! 5 card draw. Open cards. The winner of the election had a pair…….Now that’s the Wild West………

Would love to see Gore and Bush play a game of poker to decide the presidency. Pay-per-view would go through the roof!!! A big fanfare!! A choir singing ‘We are the People’……then a WWF wrestling match, then maybe Seinfeld with a little stand-up, , and then the main attraction: Poker for the rule of the Free World – or something like that!!!!

Proceeds could go to Social Security or to teachers’ salaries…….

11.10 @ 651

This week I found out that there is a committee that listens to music released in the USA and decides whether it is latin music or not. I am happy to let you know that my music has been declared latin and as a result we are receiving the following awards from the Recording Industry of America Association:

The following albums have been certified by the RIAA as of November 2, 2000:
OTTMAR LIEBERT ‘Solo Para Ti’ (2x)

OTTMAR LIEBERT ‘The Hours Between Night + Day’ (2x)

DISCO DE PLATINO (Platinum Disc)

DISCO DE ORO (Gold Disc)

DISCO DE PLATINO (Platinum Disc)

DISCO DE ORO (Gold Disc)
OTTMAR LIEBERT ‘Innamorare – Summer Flamenco’

11.01 @ 649

I have to give thanks to our fantastic audience!!

I must say that this was a very intense working year, but I am very happy with the music we created – both live and on the two CDs we recorded – the new Christmas album “christmas + santa fe” which was released last week, and a new album called “Little Wing” for release next May.

A few Concerts that stand out in my mind are:

Playing in front of 7,000 people at the wonderful Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City in September.

The amazing acoustics of the Troy Savingbank Music Hall in Troy, New York.

The acoustics of the Wilmington Grand Opera.

The pleasure of playing at Yoshi’s in Oakland four nights in a row in February.

The concert at the St.Michelle Winery.

The concert at the Laurie Auditorium in San Antonio in September.

But also the awful din over which we had to play at the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut: Imagine a C dominant seven chord that plays throughout the casino and to which all of the one armed bandits are tuned….and then imagine trying to play any other chord over that…

I hope you enjoyed our return to a smaller, all acoustic band this year as much as we did. However, for next year we are planning something bigger again…..Look for us in the Summer. Thank you all.