Wonderful Sounds 4 Deaf Ears

Here is an interesting dilemma:

As our ears get worse and worse from the noise pollution surrounding us, our equipment gets finer and finer and the sound reproduction of any instrument better and better. If both trends continue unchecked we will eventually have unimaginably wonderful sounds for deaf ears.

Uncool New Age

Ian Schrager opened his 2nd hotel in London. He told the Vanity Fair reporter: ‘We are into health, well-being, eating right, beauty, spirituality – no, it’s not New Age. I don’t want my hotel to sound New Age.’

New Age needs a new PR agent. The New Age movement has produced a lot of positive change in this country but it has somehow in the process become so uncool that it can’t get the credit. Journalists often ask me whether it “bothers” me that my music is labeled New Age Music. Of course it doesn’t bother me! There is a lot of great New Age Music out there. Just check out the fantastic CD “Mbnt: A Recollection Of Proto-Ambient Music From The Hearts Of Space” – a compilation by John Diliberto.

New Record

We are beginning to record another album today. It will be the follow-up to Innamorare and I am looking for a sound that combines Innamorare with The Hours between Night + Day and a little bit of Opium.

Redondo Beach

Aviation Park in Redondo Beach. We will perform at 2:45pm. Just line check, no soundcheck – typical Festival style. Crappy mixing console. The subwoofers are kicked up to full power, and so the bands playing before us sound like kickdrum and bass with a little accompaniment…….