Your Last Odd Day

Don’t think that I thought this up by myself…..I received it via email today……

Today is an odd day, meaning that all of the digits are odd…11-19-1999. The next odd day after today will be 1-1-3111 which we will never see. The next even day will be 2-2-2000, the first one since 8-28-0888.

You now have reason to celebrate today, as it will be your last odd day on earth.

Cave Creek Music Festival

We participated in the Cave Creek Music Festival on Saturday. It was a messy affair. We had to be there before 10am for a show at 2pm. We waited around a lot. Checked out Booker T. Jones, which I liked a lot. However he played about 45 minutes longer than he was supposed to.

At first it seemed that the promoter was going to take that in stride, but then they asked Jonathan Butler to trim their set from 45 down to 35 minutes. We also agreed do cut our set down to 50 minutes instead of the, for us very brief, 60 minutes we had been contracted to play. After about 40 minutes though, while we were playing our second to last tune, ‘Girl from Ipanema’, I saw a mohawked roadie on stage motioning to me that we would be cut off in 4 minutes. I tried to ignore him, but he wouldn’t leave. Then I got signs from a big blond fellow from the other side of the stage as well……I looked around for a microphone to let the audience know we were going to be cut off and weren’t going to be able to play even 50 minutes – but couldn’t find one handy….I got up and walked off the stage towards the end of ‘Ipanema’ while the drummers were still playing and started yelling at the big fellow…words I wouldn’t want to repeat…..

Anyway, if you were there to see us and were disappointed by our short set….we were disappointed, too. That’s what can happen at festivals……At least they have to pay us the same amount, whether we play for 40 minutes or an hour!

Acoustics and Las Vegas

The more we surround ourselves with electronic and digital appliances the more special an actual acoustic performance will become. How many kids are learning how to play the acoustic bass these days? Anybody? How about saxophone?

Here is something I have wondered about. Las Vegas has money for millions of lights and acres of water and replicas of Paris and Venice, even a pyramid…..why haven’t they built a lovely, acoustically perfect, and very intimate theater that seats about 30 to maybe 60 people very comfortably……to produce unamplified concerts of a wide range of music. And it would be even better if they could serve everyone an inspiring meal before the concert….with a strong espresso at the end so the audience doesn’t nod off……

Will parents begin to give their offspring more unusual names, so that it will be easier for them to aquire a unique email address rather than be known as