Remixes + Game Music

Home again. It’s raining.

Listened to an Italian remix of ‘Spanish Steps’ for release in Italy later this month. Suggested making a change, which I hope won’t hold up the release of the song too much… Thought about the upcoming tour… which songs to perform in which order, which song to start the show with… How to evolve ‘Barcelona Nights’ for this year? Play it as a reggae, or a very fast merengue or what?

Finished playing Metal Gear Solid, the game for Play Station. Most interesting video game I have played. Don’t like a lot of the music used for gaming. It all sounds as if the same 2 or 3 guys make the music for all games!

Monkey Mia

On Saturday I rented a white station wagon and drove nine hours from Perth to the Monkey Mia resort. The two lane roads were at times totally straight for 20 or 30 kms at a time and had a 110km speed limit that was driving me crazy. However, the dead animals on the side of the road made it clear why the speed limit was a good idea. Had no problem with driving on the left hand side, but somehow driving curves was harder – not as smooth. Arrived after dark on Saturday evening. On Sunday Morning watched the feeding of wild bottlenose dolphins… beautiful and smart they were… they waited around and played near their audience that was standing knee-deep in the water, sometimes swimming only a foot away from our legs, until the last fish was fed to them and then they took off.

Drove to the Pinnacles on Tuesday. An amazing sight near sunset, like something out of a sci-fi movie. (photos will be published on web-site in a week) Saw a kangaroo munching on vegetation on the way back from the Pinnacles to a motel in town. Cute as a button. Wanted to take it home. Wednesday Morning got up to find that the motel was serving only, oh horror, instant coffee!! Drove for an hour and stopped at a road house. Ordered coffee to go, paid, and found out that they only served instant coffee as well. The same was true for every roadhouse on the way to Perth… but now I knew to ask first!