It is done!

The new recording is mixed. All that is left to do is to master the CD in L.A. next week and to deliver the album to Epic Records.

I am very, very happy with the music, and Jon Gagan says it is his favorite album of ours. After many musical journeys we have returned to Santa Fe and Nouveau Flamenco in that we have created strong melodies and rhythms. There is not a single sample on the record, every sound was performed by a musician in realtime, and in that sense it is even more pure than NF on which I used a drum machine on “3 Women Walking”.

Now we have to get the cover art together before Christmas so that the album may be released in Australia in March and we can tour there in April. The North-American release will be in May, and we will start touring in June.

Of course all of the tour dates will be available on our web site as soon as the dates are confirmed.