Anniversary Edition

Stefan has been asked to remix “Nouveau Flamenco” for a special 10 year anniversary edition. In addition to the 13 “Nouveau Flamenco” tracks, the CD will also contain 3 songs which were previously only available on the limited edition CD “Marita: Shadows + Storms”, and 2 songs which have never before been released on CD, but were recorded by me at the same time. The original 1/2 inch 16 track tape has already been transferred to 2 inch tape and next week Stefan and Gary will begin mixing the album.

Since our Spiral Subwave Studio is much better equipped than the studio where we recorded the original tracks, we would hope that this new edition will sound greatly improved.

The release date will be April 1st, 2000, exactly 10 years after the release of “Nouveau Flamenco”.