Santa Fe

Went out w James + Eric last night. Saw Jon + Mark @ Tommy’s w Mark’s sister on keyboards + a guitar player. Headed 2 Dr.No where A was working, but the lounge music was 2 bad. Checked out El Farol which had “Los Nachos Grandes”, a cowboy band complete w very large hats. We didn’t go in. Came back 2 my house where Eric’s truck was parked, ’cause I had made dinner, + showed James the studio + the Midi-guitar. After the 2 had left I stayed up until 3:30am + watched bootleg Flamenco videos + played guitar.
Friday evening E called from NYC. She 4gave me 4 not calling her on my 2nd day in New York. In her opinion we should never, ever go out w Bolton. She really hates him.
Oh, Rolf has let us down. He ain’t coming this summer, well, maybe 4 a week. We will all miss him, especialy Mark.
We still haven’t received the Gold + Platinum CDs from Australia + Nu or the Didgeridoo.

More Bolt-On

Sony really wants us 2 open 4 Bolton. They offered money in tour support if we would do it, but Bolt-on is not offering enough money. RR is now putting our own tour 2gether. We shall start in San Antonio on May 13th, 1994. SL has a couple o’ hard weeks ahead of him in order 2 pull everything 2gether. Rolf hasn’t confirmed, but Chris will do the lighting again. Try Strobes?? Maybe placed under my chair , the drumchair and the bass amp?


Woke up @ 7:30am as usual, turned around + slept a little more, got up B4 nine. Took a shower + made some green T. Began 2 design a T road case. Decided we shoudn’t go out opening 4 Michael Bolton this summer. We have a company 2 run, salaries 2 pay, mouths 2 feed, a studio 2 equip + a live CD 2 record, mix, master + deliver by September 1st. And listening to Bolt-on nightly would probably kill me.