One Guitar - 2007

Ottmar Liebert Releases His First Solo Recording Santa Fe, New Mexico - After 22 releases and a stellar career enjoyed by few guitarists of our time, award winning guitarist Ottmar Liebert has released his most daring and unadorned recording yet.  This 13 song release, “One Guitar” is filled with gorgeous soulful performances and a palette full of intimate moods and lush landscapes.  “One Guitar” is available everywhere CDs are sold (through Burnside Distribution), online at iTunes, Rhapsody, emusic and other download stores as well as through the artists! website at

Recorded solo with no overdubs, Ottmar delivers his amazing guitar prowess with a 2002 Flamenco Negra by Lester DeVoe of Nipomo, California.  This 13 song release was “70% improvised” says Liebert, which contributes to the more personal nature and intimate environment that takes the listener to a different place.

This thoughtfully present artist stretches his musicality with each release - exploring new themes, investigating perspectives and performing with dazzling tone, space and time of his instrument.  The music business is a vastly changing industry and Ottmar has been an artistic leader in taking control of all aspects of his art and career. Since 1990, Ottmar Liebert has released a total of 22 albums, including live releases, Christmas CDs, 11 CDs of original music, a DVD and remixes, for which he received more than 30 gold and platinum awards. His debut album, 1990's Nouveau Flamenco, featuring the stunning “Barcelona Nights,” sold double-platinum and has become the biggest-selling guitar album of all time, redefining Flamenco music and marking Liebert as one of the most talented, influential and creative guitarists and performers to surface in years.

Ken Wilber on One Guitar:
"Music that is haunting in its beauty and depth. Highly recommended!" on One Guitar:
"Ottmar Liebert's new CD of solo acoustic guitar - the ghosts of Spanish flamenco within the dreamscapes of the New World. One Guitar: 13 tracks of contemplation, meditation, exhalation, levitation... and exquisite solitude."

Guitar World on One Guitar
"...heʼs taken his flamenco/world-music hybrid to a new, more introspective level here, with beautifully haunting six-string explorations that are, impressively, mostly improvised. And the Lieb doesnʼt just show off his chops, which include walking intricate bass lines over tremolo picking, or ripping out blazing Spanish Phrygian scales. Heʼs got passion to go with the speed—and thatʼs what counts, dammit. MOMENT OF TRUTH: “Night Traveling Raindrops: Nachtreisende Regentropfen” (1:30–2:52) Liebertʼs phrasing gives space and evocativeness to the airy single-note melodies before he unleashes a cyclone.

Ottmar returned from a 5 week pilgrimage to Kham in Eastern Tibet in October. The journey entailed both service in clinics for nomads - several western physicians were attending to sick people - and visits to Tibetan holy places. There was a high adventure quotient as well as the group walked across a pass at 16,500 feet altitude that cannot be found on any map.